Borough President Re-Appoints David Helpern to Community Board

City Council Member Ben Kallos [left] nominated David Helpern to continue his work on CB8. This photograph was taken at a reception for his successful appointees.

Gale A. Brewer, who became Manhattan Borough President as part of the new administration of Bill deBlasio, has re-appointed David Helpern to continue his work on Manhattan’s Community Board 8, which serves the Upper East Side.

David’s re-nomination came from the district’s City Council Member Ben Kallos, who was particularly interested in Helpern Architects’ approach to affordable housing and school design. Although Community Board participation by architects is still rare, this will mark David’s third term on the Board.

So that there would always be opportunity for new people to become part of the Community Board, “Beep” Brewer instituted a new process for selection, in addition to nomination. An independent review panel twice scrutinized all applications – almost three for each seat. Then applicants had to participate in group simulations observed by several of the borough president’s senior staffers

David continues to serve as co-chair of the Landmarks Committee and member of the Land-Use Committee. He was also part of the Roosevelt Island Task Force that considered Cornell/Technion’s plans for its new campus. Service involves at least three evenings a month.

The appointment letter from Gail Brewer read: “I deeply appreciate your interest and commitment in serving your community … I was a Community Board member and fully appreciate the effort and dedication.”