Farewell to the Old Website

We’ve had the old website for many years, and it has served our informational purposes, but we are in the process of changing it to reflect Helpern Architects going forward. That much-visited, regularly-updated but nonetheless worn website doesn’t look like us any more.

Post-recession, we’ve become a different company, doing our work with a lively group of professionals [including a number of very special new faces], using the latest technology.

“It was our first major website, and the graphic designer wanted to give us an accessible, less formal look. We likened it to changing into a well-tailored navy blazer and gray slacks from a pinstripe suit. But this decade, in dress as well as in websites, the look is more tailored blue jeans with a crisp black jacket,” explains our firm’s founder David Paul Helpern, FAIA. “The website has changed accordingly.”

What you see already is a “soft opening.” The site won’t be complete until the start of the summer, as these things go. “A change in the site’s design and language doesn’t mean the firm has altered its commitment to a disciplined, professional, and ethical approach to Architecture. It’s just more readable and welcoming,” David says. “The Principals and I want to reassure our visitors that our commitment to quality design, documentation, and delivery remains forever the hallmark of the company.”

The main members of the in-house team that redesigned helpern.com are Nicholas Chelko and Marian Paredes Suarez, under the leadership of Principal and Vice President Bennet Dunkley. The text is largely from Capelin Communications. Whitehouse & Company was again involved in the website development.

In the interactive spirit of the times, tell us what you think about the new website. Each time you return, we will have even more up to interest you.