Helpern Architects has for over forty years delivered intelligent, critical and creative solutions to a wide range of architectural challenges. We are a collegial practice with a shared vision for design excellence which enriches the environment. Our projects are developed in collaboration with our clients, engineers and stakeholders by listening carefully, developing options, considering alternate points of view and building con-sensus. We are not discouraged by the size or budget of a project. We are inspired by its context, ambitions and potentials.

Helpern Architects takes pride in having the dexterity and personal, crafted touch of a small firm while providing the depth of service of a large firm. We demand high standards at all project scales at every phase. We believe in creative solutions which are evocative, champion an economy of means and are intimately tied to their function and performance.

Helpern Architects offers a complete range of architectural services and we have successfully served as architects for projects as diverse as the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan and the Congo Gorilla Forest at the Bronx Zoo.