Bank of East Asia

New York, NY
Bank of East Asia, Limited

This nine-story, 50,000-square foot United States headquarters building for one of Hong Kong’s largest banks establishes a strong contemporary presence in New York’s bustling Chinatown. The building’s design, especially that of the street level public banking space, expresses the organization, stability, and welcome needed to attract customers and enhance competitiveness.

While the primary banking functions are located on the ground-level and second floor, the third floor - fully wired and network-ready - accommodates the banking offices, computer center and the Bank’s trading room. To keep offices and retail banking circulation distinct, we provided two separate entrances and lobbies.

To minimize construction time and cost, we established a fast-track construction plan. By erecting the building’s steel frame first, we were able to build the tower floors above grade while the more structurally complex vaults were completed below.

Photos: © Marian Paredes Suarez