LaGuardia Conference Center

Long Island City, NY
LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College ā€“ for which Helpern Architects provided its latest master plan in 2006 ā€“ asked us to study the potential for a column-free, one-level, multi-function conference center in its easternmost ā€œEā€ building. The space would be used for everything from Board of Trustees sessions to symposia, training programs, and neighborhood Community Board meetings.

E Building has a second-floor space that overlooks a landscaped courtyard; the location has the added benefit of being near an existing security checkpoint and bathrooms. Our assessment indicated that, in order to convert it to the new use, LaGuardia would have to add a dedicated stair, new air-handling, a new sprinkler system, and distinctive architectural features. The floor below would also need related alterations.

We provided plans, sections, renderings, cost estimate, and considerations about the Public Assembly filing and Certificate of Occupancy.

Renderings: Helpern Architects
The images were developed as part of a feasibility study