Fordham / One Fordham Plaza Offices

Bronx, NY
Fordham University

As part of our term contract, Helpern Architects created a new, off-campus office for Fordham’s various IT divisions, which had previously been scattered in various marginal spaces. The relocation, planned to eventually house 70+ staff, was into 10,000 sf of leased space in a large commercial development across the street from the main Rosehill Campus, visible through panoramic windows.

We organized the space to include offices for 8 directors and 16 managers, an open-office setup for 30-50 staff, a main conference room seating 24, and four smaller conference rooms for up to 10 people. The design incorporates a generous kitchen/dining area as well.

The fit-out entailed ceiling grid, lighting, and the electrical and data outlets essential for critical IT functionality.

Working with both Fordham’s IT Department and facilities team, Helpern provided complete design services beginning with schematic design and ending with construction administration, including hazmat analysis, cost estimating, furniture systems selection/layout, and filings.

Photos: © Brian Rose