Boutique Hotel

New York, NY

This boutique hotel concept was undertaken for Cedar Funds, an experienced hotel investment and development group based in New York, to help them scope out their “product” and visualize a particular kind of site available in cities around the world.

The developer has micro-targeted a generation of travelers they feel is underserved: Gen X and Millennial professionals. These young business people, by definition, have “high expectations for exceptional design, and quality products and services.”

They asked us, “What kind of building and spaces would attract this traveler profile?” They envisioned a mid-sized [125 keys] hotel that would be located mid-block and “extensively contextual to its neighborhood through its design.”

In short, because they expect to roll out an independent, world-wide portfolio of hotels over the next five to ten years, their prototype had to be entirely responsive, flexible, and focused on that kind of person and place. Our conceptual design will help them identify specific urban sites and attract both local and international financing.

Renderings: Stone 3D and Helpern Architects