Collegiate School

New York, NY
The Collegiate School

For the past 30 years, Helpern Architects has acted as a steward to The Collegiate School, an independent boys school on the Upper West Side. We have completed several master plans during that time which have reconfigured Collegiate’s campus and added 10,000 sf to its facilities.

Today, each division of Collegiate benefits from dedicated spaces that give them each their own identity. In addition, shared facilities can be used by the whole school and provide students and faculty with a sense of community.

Major assignments have included a four-story rooftop expansion. Floor-by-floor sequential retrofits to an adjacent 12-story apartment building that the school owns took a number of years to complete.

The most dramatic change has been the six-story-high, 9,100-sf “sliver” infill structure between two main buildings that has enabled a horizontal circulation system and has also added needed space.